Customs broker’s services

The company “POLEX EXPRESS” provides a full range of services related to the customs clearance of the goods. Our main goal is to forward the cargo through the customs as soon as possible, with the minimal costs for our customer.

At your request, our specialists successfully make customs clearance on the export of the goods or the customs clearance when importing the goods into the territory of any other state.

Customs brokers of “POLEX EXPRESS” constantly monitor all the changes in Ukrainian legislation so that the customs clearance is performed without any incidents. With years of experience in the work with the customs authorities of the state, we will help you to:

  • present your interests in the customs authorities for the clearance of the goods.
  • get accredited of the company in the customs service;
  • choose the best option for you of the customs clearance and the codes for the goods according to Ukrainian Classification of Commodities for Foreign Economic Activity;
  • prepare the documents for the import and export of the goods;
  • issue customs declarations competently, to prepare the necessary permits and certificates;
  • calculate customs duties;
  • provide the customs authority with any additional information;

For successful clearance of the product across the border, it is important to properly arrange all the required customs documents. Our experts will help you to avoid the pitfalls and problems connected with this process.

The customs clearance is rather complex, multi-faceted process, requiring skills of declaration, as well as deep knowledge in the field of the customs, tax and currency legislation. Any errors in the customs documentation will entail a lot of trouble, ranging from fines and ending with the arrest or the appropriation of the goods.

We do not allow downtimes of the goods forwarded by our company so that the cargo passes all the customs procedures with the minimal losses of time and cost for our customers.


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