Сargo customs clearance

Customs clearance of the goods can be carried out directly by the consignor or by his official representative – the customs broker. The customs clearance usually requires numerous permits and other documents, so it is more rational to entrust this task to the specialists.

Customs brokers of the company “POLEX EXPRESS” perform the customs clearance in Kharkov and in any other city of Ukraine.

Customs clearance on the “turnkey solution” basis

In addition to the expert advice and assistance in the customs declarations, we can offer the customs clearance services on the “turnkey solution” basis. This means that our company will act as a contract holder and save you from all the worries associated with the export of the goods. You will need to pay for the whole package in one payment in the local currency, and all other operations will be performed by the customs brokers of our company.

We will calculate the cost of the transaction (contract) and the cost of all the payments connected with the performance of your obligations under the contract. We will make in time all the necessary payments related to the foreign trade transaction. We will provide the customs clearance services in accordance with the Customs Code of Ukraine and other regulations.

“POLEX EXPRESS” has the leading customs brokers of Kharkov

Our company having many years of experience in the field of the customs clearance guarantees to perform the customs clearance of your goods. The advantages of cooperation with our company are obvious. We value our impeccable reputation that is why we work for you:

  • Quickly;
  • Professionally;
  • Providing good quality;
  • For a reasonable price.

You can always be sure that the permission to export the goods from the country of its origin will be obtained as soon as possible, documents are prepared correctly with all the recent changes in the customs legislation of Ukraine taken into account.