Air transportation

The company “POLEX EXPRESS” organizes the international air transport services in any neighbouring country and abroad.

Advantages of air transportation

Air transportation is the fastest, the easiest, and in some situations the only way to deliver the cargo.

Air transportations are perfectly integrated into the system of multimodal transportation with other means of transport – road, rail, sea, including the multimodal transportation system that provide the delivery of cargo in the intercontinental directions or to remote consignees, when the use of one mean of transport is either economically unjustified or basically impossible.

In any case our experts will carefully calculate all the variants of logistics so that the main link – air cargo – becomes the most effective and beneficial for the consignor.

Air transport services by the company “POLEX EXPRESS”

Our employees are the real professionals with an extensive experience in forwarding of various cargos by air. Their responsibilities include:

  • selection of the most cost-effective and / or rapid air route of the delivery;
  • freight of the selected mean of transport or the renting of a separate cargo space on the board;
  • selection of the related services (if necessary);
  • receiving from the consignor, as well as the preparation of the missing supporting documents;
  • control of the loading and sealing of the cargo;
  • insurance and customs clearance of the cargo;
  • cargo forwarding in order to control the transportation conditions (if necessary);
  • delivery and transfer of the cargo to the consignee, including the transfer under the customs control in the city of the consignee;
  • transferring of the properly drawn supporting documents to the consignor and consignee.

As a result, your goods will be delivered as soon as possible at the best price and fully intact. Everything may happen in the way, but our employees are able to make only the right decisions in difficult situations, they can show flexibility and ability to solve the non-standard problems quickly.

Special offer on air transportation by “POLEX EXPRESS”

We relieve the consignor from unnecessary formalities and we are always ready to provide additional services, including express delivery, picking of the cargo (if the goods are dispersed on different territories), “door to door” delivery. A complete list of additional services can be found in the relevant section of our website. In addition, to find out all the details and features of the air transportation of your cargo, just call our manager or use a special service on our website.

We own all the subtleties of air cargo by both regular and charter flights and can offer:

  • the cost and timing of the air transportation delivery by the given criteria;
  • forwarding of all types of goods;
  • reservation of air transportation;
  • organization of the transportation by charter flights;
  • air transit;
  • mixed air transportation;
  • transportation of perishable, dangerous, oversized and heavy cargo;
  • transportation of the complete and partial cargos;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs clearance at the airports of the departure and arrival;
  • labeling, placement, handling and packaging of the goods, including at the “POLEX EXPRESS” company’s warehouse (the area of ​​the International Airport “Kharkiv”);
  • providing with the timely information on the whereabouts of the goods;
  • delivery of the goods on the “airport–airport” and “door to door” schemes.

All the domestic and international air cargo are carried by the shortest and the most convenient, and therefore by the most economical routes. Prompt delivery and our rates for air freight are always the best for your business!