Combined transportation

Combined cargo transportation, including multimodal transportations and direct multimodal transportations are the specialization of our company. We know how to take the advantage of different modes of the transportation on any part of the journey. This optimizes logistics scheme, minimizes delivery time and reduces its cost, enabling to ensure the complete security of the cargo.

Combined transportation: features and benefits

Combined cargo transportation is carried out with the participation of one or more modes of transport – road, air, rail and water (sea and river) in one and the same loading unit – container, swap body, or camper, with an overload from one vehicle to another.

Our company has worked out the most optimal schemes of combined transportation involving road, air, sea and rail transport using the entire logistics infrastructure. This allows the sender to minimize the costs and to perform multimodal transportation as well as direct multimodal transportation maximum cost effective.

Our experience and professionalism in multimodal transportation is available for you

“POLEX EXPRESS” company is a reliable logistics partner, who has an extensive experience and a deep specialization in the organization of the combined transportation. Our staff will organize:

  • calculation of the tariffs and route planning, based on the tasks set by the client;
  • selection of the most efficient vehicles and the development of the optimal route of delivery;
  • charter or rent of the vehicle you want;
  • choice of additional and related services, if necessary;
  • receiving of the goods and the package of the accompanying documents;
  • control of the loading and sealing of the cargo;insurance and customs clearance;
  • control of the transport conditions;
  • delivery and transfer of the goods to the consignee;
  • transferring of the properly drawn supporting documents to the consignor and consignee.

In case of a force majeure, our employees will show diplomatic skills and take the right decision. You can be sure that your goods will be delivered within the agreed time and in full safety.



We offer a full range of services of the combined transportation

Combined transportation is an especially complicated way of the goods delivery, requiring strict compliance with all the formalities. We take them for themselves, including the:


  • forwarding of all types of goods;
  • booking of the transportations by any mean of transport;
  • organization of the transportations in transit and charter flights;
  • transport of perishable, dangerous, oversized and heavy cargo;
  • joint cargo;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs clearance at the points of the departure and arrival;
  • providing with the timely information on the whereabouts of the goods;
  • delivery of the goods on a “door to door” scheme;
  • also we can accommodate, process and package the goods, including at “POLEX EXPRESS” company’s warehouse (the area of ​​the International Airport “Kharkiv”);
  • promptly inform about the movement and location of the cargo.



Want to find out all the details and nuances of the delivery of your goods? Our specialists will give a qualified answer to any question. There is no doubt, combined transportation of your cargo will be carried out by the shortest, the most convenient and economical route.