Is it worth spending money on cargo insurance?

Even the calculated cargo transportation can meet the occasion, independent of the will of the participants. The ship with cargo can meet the unpredicted storm or fire on the ship can destroy the whole load. The transport aircraft can undergo a collapse of the weather conditions. An earthquake can move the train off the rails. And this is not a complete list of the accidents that may contribute to the loss or damage to the cargo.

To neutralize these risks it is reasonable to use the mechanism of the cargo insurance. Unexpected event can have a very negative effect on the financial condition of the company, which carries the risk of the damage or loss of goods on the route. Because of the fact that the premiums for such risks are relatively small, the insurance payment may save the business which has suffered heavy losses as a result of the social, natural or man-made disaster.

The company “POLEX EXPRESS” recommends the insurance of the transportation and helps its clients in the insurance of goods of any kind. Based on the nuances of each situation, we select the individual insurance conditions and the most appropriate insurance company.