Kinds and types of containers

“POLEX EXPRESS” carries out domestic and international transportation of any goods by all modes of transport – air, road, rail and sea, including the transportation in the containers.

Advantages of container transportation

Containers of any kind or type, whether they are the container for sea transportation, containers for the railway transportation or the cross functional 40-foot container, they significantly reduce the cost of the goods transportation and ultimately provide with the significant cost savings for the freight due to:

  • simplifying of the process of the loading and unloading, a high level of the mechanization of all the intermediate processes, the loading or unloading operations in a complex at each stage;
  • attracting of the cost-effective rolling stock and reduction of its downtime;
  • no cost for the additional packaging;
  • the greater security of the goods in comparison with other methods of transportation.

Classification of containers

Containers used for multimodal transportation are widely used (goods in a single container can be delivered by any mode of transport – road, rail, sea and air – in any order), including:

  • standard containers of 20, 40 and 45 feet for the general cargos (dry goods): framework is provided by the strength steel and aluminum sheets or sheets of plywood with fiberglass coating;
  • refrigerated containers of 20, 40, 45 feet for the transportation of goods subject to the influence of the temperature: equipped with a refrigeration unit capable of maintaining the temperature inside the container from -25 to + 25 ° C;
  • open top containers of 20 and 40 feet for the transportation of the oversized cargo: the walls are made of steel for the durability;
  • flatrack containers of 20 and 40 feet for the transportation of heavy loads: without the side walls, the base frame is made of steel with the thickness of 30-50 mm, have the mechanisms to secure the cargo;
  • tank containers of 20 and 30 thousand liters for the carriage of liquid, gaseous and bulk cargos (actually it is a cistern on the hard and solid frame).

In addition, the company “POLEX EXPRESS” has an experience in organizing transportation of goods in special types of containers (for example, for cars or cattle).

Only specialists can choose the right container with taking into account the nature of the transported cargo to get the maximum benefit. Our employees have such an experience, they are able to organize the process of the container transportation logistically and technically competently.