Labeling of cargos

Classification and labeling of the goods during their transportation within the country and sending to the foreign recipient by all modes of transportation (road, air, rail, sea) are carried out in the strict accordance with the national and interstate standards, and the transportation of the dangerous goods also with the rules in force for the particular mode of transport or with the UN Model Regulations.

Labeling of cargos: types and content

Labeling of the goods is divided into the commodity, shipping, special and transportation labeling. The shipping, commodity and special labeling are set by the shipper and the transportation labeling is set by the carrier or his agent.

Labeling of the goods depending on its type basically comprises the following information:

transportation – the handling marks, as well as the basic, additional and informational records:

  • handling marks are the images indicating the type of the cargo handling;
  • the major labels contain the full registered or conventional name of the consignee, the destination, the number of packages in the lot and the serial number of the place within the lot;
  • additional inscriptions contain the full registered or conventional name of the shipper, the name of the place of the departure and the inscriptions of the transportation organizations;
  • informational signs indicate the weight of the package (gross and net), or the number of the products in pieces and the dimensions of the package place.

Labeling of the shipper by the number of the positions duplicates the labeling of the carrier and contains:

  • shipping – the points of the departure and destination, the name of the sender and recipient, the total number of seats, gross and net weight;
  • commodity – the product name, the release time, variety, an indication of the original packaging, number of the order and its sales order;
  • special – warnings and mandatory signs pointing to the ways of the handling with the goods during the transportation, handling, storage and use.

Our experts are well-oriented in the specifics of the labeling of the goods and perform it in the strict accordance with their classification and requirements of the regulatory documents.