Packing of goods

Packaging for the transporting cargo, including the packaging of the dangerous goods is included to the list of services of the company “POLEX EXPRESS” and is performed at the transportations by road, air, rail and sea. Smart packaging is a guarantee of safety of the cargo on the whole route from the sender to the recipient.

Packaging and wrapping of goods

All the goods in relation to the packaging are divided into three major groups:

  • goods which are transported without packaging;
  • goods which are transported without packaging, but with the packaging of individual parts of the cargo;
  • goods which are transported in containers, the choice of which is determined by the nature of the cargo.

Packaging must meet its functions and protect the cargo (goods) from the possible external influences:

  • mechanical – bumps, scratches, dents, etc.;
  • weather – rain, snow, frost, humidity, etc.;
  • biological – from the rodents, insects, bacteria, fungi, etc.

In view of the above features and the functionality the packaging is also divided into three types:

  • consumer (is used for the packaging of goods and delivery of them to the consumer);
  • additional (is used to protect the cargo from the weather and other adverse environmental effects);
  • transportation (is designed to protect cargo from damage, while the load can be pre-packed in an additional or consumer packaging).

Packaging for the transporting cargo, depending on the nature of the cargo, is divided into rigid, semi-rigid and soft. Rigid packaging of the cargo are the tanks, drums, barrels, cans, boxes, bottles, etc. that are made of metal, plastic, wood, glass, paper pulp and other hard materials. To the semi-rigid containers can be included: crate, baskets and boxes made of the corrugated cardboard and flexible plastic. The soft packaging of cargo is the packaging made from fabrics, plastic films and paper.

In addition, the carriage of goods in any container the special fastening and packing materials, that enhance the protection of the cargo from damage and make loading / unloading more convenient and safer, can be used.

The packing of the cargo should not take too much space, creating difficulties in loading / unloading, and must have a marketable look after the transportation. All the requirements for the containers and packaging of various types of the cargo during the transportation by all modes of transport are registered in the technical regulations and other regulatory documents. Our employees perfectly know this documentation and strictly adhere to all the rules of the packaging.

Our specialists always take care of packing of your goods, which will ensure their safety.