Types of railway transportation

In the arsenal of “POLEX EXPRESS” company’s services on the delivery of the goods there is not only the transportation in the containers but also the transportation in the open wagons, special freight wagons or in the insulated wagons for the delivery of the perishable goods. We carry out domestic and international transportation of any permitted goods by any means of transport – road, air, sea and rail using all the kinds of railway transportation, including:

  • container;
  • small;
  • low-tonnage;
  • wagon;
  • group;
  • route.

Delivery of goods by rail is reliable and economical

The delivery of goods by rail, including the transportation in the open wagons, freight in the specialized wagons and even transportation in the containers is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways of the delivery to any place on the land where there is a railway station.

However, the absence of the train station is not a significant limitation. It is not the obstacle in the scheme of the mixed, including multimodal transportation, where the cargo delivery is possible to any remote part of the world thanks to the inclusion in the scheme of logistics other modes of transport – road, sea, air. The most convenient and economical way of the delivery in such cases is a container transportation that allows to deliver the goods to the consignee without the overloading.

In any case, our experts will carefully calculate all the options of the delivery so that the cargo transportation will be the most beneficial to the sender.

In addition, we undertake the organizational work at the station, sorting and loading / unloading, as well as we monitor the movement of the cargo and ensure its safety throughout the entire route. In addition to this (optional for the shipper) we can pick up the goods at the specified place, deliver it to our warehouse, pack and load into the containers or insulated wagons.