Types of road transportation

“POLEX EXPRESS” carries out the transportation of any goods by all modes of transport – air, sea, rail, as well as the most popular – road (4/5 performance of all the freight traffic in the world), including the international road transportation, long-distance road transportation, suburban road transportation, construction and agricultural road transportation.

Road transportation is a universal form of the cargo delivery

The road transport has an access to all modes of transportation: industry, mass and small, of standard goods and goods of a very large size or weight, for short and long distances. We are able to organize road transportation on any grounds, including:


  • international highway transportation;
  • long-distance highway transportation;
  • suburban highway transportation;
  • intra- and inter-regional;
  • city;
  • technological (within the enterprise or the construction site)


  • agricultural road transportation;
  • construction road transportation;
  • transportation in the field of the public utilities;
  • industrial;
  • trade;
  • mail;
  • road transportation of the property of the population;

in terms of consignment:

  • small road transportation (by small volumes and by the tonnage factor);
  • massive highway transportation (moving of large volumes of the homogeneous cargo and the tonnage).

Our professionals have an experience in the organization of all kinds of the transportation – both domestic and international, with the delivery of the goods by the most appropriate and, therefore, the most economical route, including by the scheme of the combined transportation with railway, air and sea transportation and with the use of the entire logistics infrastructure along the route of the cargo. We always minimize the costs of the road transportation!