What type of transportation is it better to choose?

The company “POLEX EXPRESS” organizes air, rail, road, sea transportation, including the multimodal transportation. What type of the transportation to choose – our experts will explain convincingly.

Road transportation

Road transportation is the most popular type of the transportation, 4/5 performance of all the freight traffic in the world. To the road transportation any grounds are available: by the volume of the consignment, by the territory and industry. Exactly road transportation allows to use “door to door” freight delivery scheme and is likely to be the final link in the scheme of the combined transportation.

Railway transportation

Rail transportation is one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to deliver the cargo to any point on the land where there is a railway station. But if the railway transportation is included in the scheme of the combined transport, the delivery of the cargo can be anywhere in the world, especially if the goods are transported in the containers. As the road transportation, the railway transportation does not depend on the weather and climate conditions, but, in the contrast to the road transportation, has significantly fewer restrictions on the size and weight of the cargo.

Air transportation

Air transportation is the fastest, but also the most expensive method of the delivery. Therefore it is used primarily for the transportation of the perishable, urgent and valuable cargo, as well as for the delivery to the remote destinations when the use of one type of the transport is economically unreasonable or impossible in general. The delivery cost can be reduced if the air transportation is included in the scheme of the combined transport, especially on the intercontinental destinations. Air transportation has a number of restrictions on weight, size and nature of the cargo.

Sea transportation

Sea transportation is the most democratic, secure and inexpensive way to deliver the cargo, virtually without any restrictions on neither the nature of the goods nor on their size and weight. But also it is the slowest way. However, this disadvantage is partially solved by the inclusion of the sea transportation in the scheme of the combined transportation, especially on the intercontinental directions (where it is appropriate or necessary).

Multimodal transportation

The multimodal transportation (including the direct ones) in the scheme of the combined transportation negates the disadvantages and with the maximum effect takes the advantage of the delivery of goods by one or more modes of transport.

Our employees build the logistics schemes so that any goods are delivered to the destination quickly, cost-effectively and in the complete safety both inside of the country and to the international destinations. Our experience in the multimodal transportation allows to deliver the goods to any, even the most remote part of the world.