Why is it better to entrust customs clearance to brokers?

Any company that starts out the foreign trade activities (export-import of the goods across the state border), should make a choice immediately: either it does the customs clearance on their own, or it cooperates with a customs broker – an intermediary company that specializes in the implementation of the customs operations. In fact, it is always a choice, which can be read as follows:

Cheap customs clearance or professional customs clearance?

Customs clearance can be obtained cheaply and on its own only by large (very large) companies with the large and regular flow of the goods across the border. Such companies can afford to keep skilled, certified specialists in the sphere of the customs clearance. However, such economizing scheme can turn to be a large loss.

Even a qualified person, if he does not rotate continuously in the circle of the employees of the specific customs, but appears there from time to time may miss something and make a mistake, and this means the renewal of the documents, delays in the performance of the customs operations, transport delays, loss of the perishable goods or the supply disruption which entails the huge losses, and even rupture of the partnerships.

Only the professional customs clearance, which is able to be provided only by a customs broker, can help to avoid such risks.

Customs broker: facts for cooperation 

The customs broker is a commercial organization, which is always a legal entity that has a state license and has the legal authority to represent the professional interests on the customs market of the client who there is a notarized agreement on the customs service with.

In favor of the cooperation with the customs broker the following is shown for itself:

  • skills and experience: the broker is constantly informed of all the changes in the customs legislation, has the tried and tested algorithms for the designation of various products and a set of options for accelerating the customs procedures, business ties in the customs and other government agencies may, if necessary, can provide the financial guarantee for the cargo, and always insures his own responsibility;
  • provides additional services: on the expert advice, assistance in obtaining of the certificates and permits, advances (if necessary) of the payment of the fees and charges, the conclusion of the contract on the favorable terms with the warehouse of the temporary storage;
  • guarantees the customs broker is always absolute certainty of the cargo owner in the correct processing of the customs documents.

Our company has the reputation of a reliable partner confirmed by many years of the experience and guarantees the professional customs clearance of any goods.