Cargo insurance

POLEX EXPRESS” company makes sure that the goods that we forward come undamaged and with all their consumer properties preserved that consumers expect of them. However, everything can happen on the way: natural disasters, accidents, and other man-made disasters. In order to compensate the losses caused by such events, we offer the cargo insurance for our clients.

For this purpose, by the customer’s offer we choose the most optimal conditions for the cargo insurance, with respect to a particular transportation, as well as we find an insurance company with the most loyal working conditions and guaranteed payment.

Our company takes care of all the preparations and the execution of documents required for the cargo insurance. We are talking about the choice of the insurer and the formation of a package of documents for the contract, and the drafting of the insurance contract with all the necessary applications. We do this quickly, efficiently and with the maximum savings to our customers.

Charge the cargo insurance to “POLEX EXPRESS” company and you can be sure you will not lose a single penny whatever may happen on the way in our state and beyond it.