Import certification

“POLEX EXPRESS” company renders the services in the support of the certification of goods imported into the territory of Ukraine. The certification of imports can be included in the package of services for the customs clearance of the goods or it can be as a separate service. A large group of goods can not be imported and used at the territory of Ukraine without the certification.

However, there is a voluntary certification of the goods for which the compliance certificate is not mandatory. The presence of this document contributes to the competitiveness of the products at the market, certifying high consumer characteristics of the products.

Therefore, the certification of the goods is an important step in the customs control of the imported products. This procedure involves obtaining of the compliance certificate and the preceding documents (conclusion of Health Inspection Service, the protocol of laboratory tests, etc.).

The certification of imports can be quite time consuming, since it requires the collection of a large amount of documentation for the company-importer as well as for the product itself. Also it is necessary to pass additional procedures for the laboratory testing, obtaining of the Safety and Health Certificate of Health Inspection Service and others.

It is very important that the certification is passed quickly without delaying the customs clearance of the goods and, therefore, staying of the goods at the customs terminal. The delay inevitably entails additional costs for the importer.

Therefore, it is important that the certificate is obtained by the professionals who can do everything quickly and efficiently. Such specialists work in our company. Turning to “POLEX EXPRESS” you can be sure that your imported goods will be certified correctly and within the shortest terms.