Cargo terminal (temporary warehouse storage)

The cargo terminal of Kharkov airport (temporary warehouse storage), provides a full range of services for processing of the export and import goods, their packaging and delivery under the customs.

Storage, packaging and delivery, including the delivery of the goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey and the delivery of goods from China is available for all kinds of goods – both conventional and special (valuable, space consuming, dangerous, perishable, as well as treatment products, medical supplies and animals).

Airport cargo terminal (temporary warehouse storage): benefits and services

Temporary warehouse storage is a warehouse with the high shelves storage. Temporary warehouse storage provides the most efficient use of storage space and area, and therefore it is more economical compared with the storage at the conventional warehouses. As a result our client receives a substantial saving in storage of each unit of the cargo. The most modern technologies for the processing and packaging of the goods guarantee the complete safety of the products and their consumer qualities.

In the territory of the temporary warehouse storage the place for the arrival of vehicles is equipped. This allows quick loading or unloading from a vehicle of the cargo arriving or departing from the airport by the flight connection.

Kharkov airport cargo terminal (temporary warehouse storage) is a team of professionals that will provide the full range of the high-quality storage services:

  • customs clearance under the export / import;
  • cargo insurance, complementary measures on the protection and fire safety;
  • loading-unloading services, including the cross-docking, palletizing and packaging of the goods;
  • storage (including the one under the customs control);
  • packing, sorting, packing, including the repacking of the pallet and packaged cargo;
  • registration of the forwarding documents;
  • organization of the internal cargo transit through Ukraine under the customs control of the goods arriving at Kharkov airport;
  • delivery of the cargo to the recipient’s door.

Our approach to the organization of work is the minimum personal involvement of the client when receiving of maximum benefits for him.