Processing and packaging of goods

Processing and packaging of the goods are the important components of the transportation and logistics services, the objective of which is to maintain the consumer properties of the product when it is transported from the sender to the recipient. We provide a full range of services which include both handling of the cargo, including handling of the cargo All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity (OKVED) as well as packaging of the goods, including packaging of dangerous goods.

Quality services for the cargo handling and packaging are important at any point in the transport and logistics schemes – at the storage in the warehouses and terminals as well as when transported by all the modes of transport, including air transportation, especially if it is long-distance transportation, such as the delivery of goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey or the delivery of goods from China. We use the latest technologies which ensure the complete safety of goods.

Our services for processing and packing of goods

Warehouse and terminal handling include the delivery of the goods into the territory of a warehouse or terminal, pre-processing, transportation to the warehouse or to the destination terminal, the main processing and removal from the warehouse or terminal. Including handling of the cargo All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity (OKVED).

We perform all the types of packaging, including on the client’s request – additional packaging of the goods. Depending on the type and way of the cargo transportation, the following types of packaging, either separately or in the combination with each other, are used:

  • corrugated cardboard packaging (box, case);
  • pallet board (wooden container, height-adjustable);
  • rigid packaging (wooden crate or wooden frame);
  • bag (of white propylene with the plastic seal);
  • pull pack (made of elastic polyethylene, provides protection from the damage, including particularly delicate goods).

Additional packaging is done with the stretch film (with the packing tape) and serves for the protection from the dust and dirt, as well as from the damage to cargo transported together (for example, products with sharp corners in the fabric bags).

Quality processing and packaging of the cargo is a guarantee of its full intact through all the way of the transportation.