What types of cargos we work with

We provide land, sea and air transportation of the conventional and special cargo. The air delivery of the goods both domestically and on the international airlines including the delivery of goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey, as well as delivery of goods from China. The transportation of goods in several stages and the direct delivery are both possible. We deliver parcels (express delivery). We provide services for the customs clearance, which is performed by Kharkov customs.

Transportation of conventional and special cargo

In addition to the conventional goods (for example – the consumer goods (large-scale goods), which do not require the compliance of the special conditions and terms of the transportation, handling, storage and packaging, we deliver special loads, including:

  • dangerous goods;
  • valuable goods;
  • heavy and oversized cargo;
  • perishable goods;
  • live animals;
  • flowers, etc.

Our specialists have an extensive experience with all the categories of goods and are well-oriented in the regulations that determine the rules of their transportation. Particular attention is given to the transportation of the special cargo, so as not to endanger the lives and health of the participants of transportation and not to harm the commercial quality of the cargo.

We accompany cargo with the full package of the related services:

  • on the customs clearance (import / export);
  • on the receiving, processing, storage and packaging of goods;
  • on the loading / unloading, packaging of the shipment of freight (consolidation of the cargo, package cargo) and palletizing;
  • on the registration of the forwarding documents (documentation on a “turnkey” basis);
  • on the delivery of the goods to the recipient.

Safety and the condition of the goods are under the constant supervision of our staff, which in case of an abnormal situation are able to provide the full safety of the goods.