Delivery of clothes

By “POLEX EXPRESS” by the orders of the citizens and legal persons the delivery of the consumer goods is performed, including the delivery of clothes, including the delivery of goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey, as well as the delivery of goods from China. The transportation of the goods in several stages as well as the express delivery are both possible. We deliver parcels. We help with the customs clearance, which is performed by Kharkov customs.

Transportation of clothes

The delivery of clothes by air requires the proper packaging. In particular, the clothes may be carried only in special transportation containers:

  • ordinary cardboard boxes;
  • cardboard boxes with additional protection (with the internal partitions, cushioning pads, trays);
  • plywood, wooden boxes and ordinary crates;
  • the bags (made of nonwoven fabric or multiwall paper bags);
  • bales, fastened with the packing tape.

Only experienced specialists can understand these subtleties. Our employees have such experience. We provide a full range of services that are necessary for the delivery of clothes, including the terminal of “POLEX EXPRESS” company (the area of ​​the International Airport “Kharkov”):

  • calculation of the transportation cost and time of the delivery;
  • customs clearance;
  • receiving, processing, intra-depot warehousing transportation, storage and packaging;
  • loading / unloading, packaging of the shipments of goods (consolidation of the cargo, package cargo) and palletizing;
  • registration of the forwarding documents (registration on a “turnkey” basis);
  • delivery to the recipient.

We take the full responsibility for the condition and safety of the cargo at all stages of the delivery.