Delivery of industrial raw materials

Transportation of the perishable raw materials require special conditions and terms of the transportation, handling, storage and packaging and should be done on a priority basis, as the perishable raw materials refer to the expedited shipment. We always look for the opportunities to send such goods on a priority basis. The delivery of raw materials is carried out by land, sea and air transport.

Transportation of perishable raw materials

The category of the perishable raw materials mainly includes plant products (fruit, berries, vegetables, including frozen ones) and of animal origin (meat and entrails of the animals and birds, eggs, fish, caviar, seafood, fresh skins, and so on).

The delivery (including the express delivery) is performed both domestically and on the international airlines, including the delivery of goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey, as well as the delivery of goods from China. The transportation of the goods in several stages as well as the express delivery are both possible. We help with the obtaining of permits, as well as with the customs clearance, which is carried out by Kharkov customs.

We provide a full range of services both in the points of the departure and arrival of the goods, including at the terminal of “POLEX EXPRESS” (the area of ​​the International Airport “Kharkiv”) so that the transportation of raw materials takes minimal time:

  • the cost and timing of the delivery;
  • the customs clearance and the forwarding shipment documents (registration on a “turnkey” basis);
  • receiving, processing, intra-depot warehousing transportation, storage and packaging;
  • loading / unloading;
  • delivery of cargo to the recipient.

Transportation of the perishable raw materials is constantly monitored by our staff, ensuring the timely delivery and the safety of cargo.