Transportation of consumer goods (large-scale goods)

Our company carries out land, sea and air transportation of the consumer goods – large-scale goods, including the transportation of clothes, equipment, furniture.

Transportation of consumer goods

Delivery of the large-scale goods is executed both on the domestic and on the international airlines, including the delivery of goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey, as well as the delivery of goods from China. The direct delivery as well as the delivery in several stages is possible. We deliver parcels by the various means of transport (express delivery). We help with the customs clearance, which is performed by Kharkov customs.

Transportation of the consumer goods does not require the strict compliance with the conditions that are necessary for the transportation of the special cargo, but also has its own characteristics (a wide range of goods, variety in the size, different types of the packaging, a large number of the accompanying documentation). Only experienced professionals can understand them.

Our experts have such experience, providing a full package of services in the areas of the dispatch and receipt of the goods, including at the terminal of “POLEX EXPRESS” (the area of ​​the International Airport “Kharkiv”):

  • customs clearance;
  • receiving, processing, intra-depot warehousing transportation, storage and packaging;
  • loading / unloading, packaging of the shipments of goods (consolidation of the cargo, package cargo) and palletizing;
  • the customs clearance and the forwarding shipment documents (registration on a “turnkey solution” basis);
  • delivery of cargo to the consignee.

Monitoring of the transported consumer goods is the rigorous duty of our employees and the guarantee of the safety of the goods.