Transportation of equipment

Transportation of the industrial equipment, which belongs to the category of the special cargo, is one of the most complex and demanding methods of the delivery. Due to the high competence and experience of our staff transportation of the equipment will be carried out on time and in compliance with all the measures to ensure the safety of the goods.

Transportation of equipment

“POLEX EXPRESS” company takes orders for the transportation of the equipment when it is imported or exported on the international airlines, by road and sea transport, including the possible delivery of the goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey, as well as the delivery of goods from China, the shipment of goods in several stages, and the express delivery. We help with the obtaining of permits, as well as with the customs clearance, which is carried out by Kharkov customs.

Transportation of the industrial equipment is, as a rule, a delivery of heavy and space consuming goods, which require special conditions of the transportation, processing and packaging. Our employees are thoroughly aware of the rules of the transportation of such goods and have the relevant experience in the organization of the delivery.

We accompany the air transportation of the equipment with the full range of services along the entire route of the delivery, including at the terminal of “POLEX EXPRESS” (the area of ​​the International Airport “Kharkiv”):

  • receiving, processing, intra-depot warehousing transportation, storage and packaging, securing;
  • loading / unloading, packaging of the shipments of goods (consolidation of the cargo, package cargo) and palletizing;
  • the customs clearance and the forwarding shipment documents (registration on a “turnkey solution” basis);
  • delivery of cargo to the recipient.

Transportation of the industrial equipment is monitored online and is under the constant supervision of our staff.