Transportation of pharmaceuticals

Transportation of the pharmaceuticals is performed as a priority, since the rules governing the transportation consider drugs to be in the category of the perishable (term) cargos. We always seek for such an opportunity.

Delivery of the pharmaceuticals is performed by our company mainly by the international airlines, including the possible delivery of the goods from Europe, the USA, Turkey, delivery of goods from China, direct delivery (express delivery). We deliver parcels.

Transportation of pharmaceuticals

Transportation of drugs requires the special conditions and terms of the transportation, handling, storage and packaging, as well as the drafting of the set of the supporting documents in accordance with the regulations. This is done to ensure that the pharmaceuticals will not lose their properties and will not harm the life and health of people involved in the transportation. Our experts are experienced in such work.

To minimize possible risks, we provide a range of services associated with the transportation of the pharmaceuticals at the points of the departure and arrival of the goods, including at the terminal of “POLEX EXPRESS” (the area of ​​the International Airport “Kharkiv”):

  • preparation of the shipping forwarding documents and the customs clearance (the clearance on a “turnkey solution” basis);
  • receipt, processing, storage and packaging;
  • loading / unloading;
  • delivery of the goods to the recipient.

Constant monitoring of the cargo and the security control of the transportation on the part of our employees are the guarantee of the timely delivery and the safety of the pharmaceuticals.