Transportation of dangerous goods

Transport of the dangerous goods including the transportation of hazardous cargo and the transportation of gas is in the category of the delivery of the special goods that is of a peculiarly complicated transportation. Our specialists have an extensive experience of such transportations within the country as well as on the international routes and own the practical features of the delivery of the dangerous goods by all transport modes. We successfully perform:

  • road transportation of the dangerous goods;
  • air transportation of the dangerous goods;
  • rail transportation of the dangerous goods;
  • sea transportation of the dangerous goods.

Transportation of dangerous goods: rules and features

According to the generally accepted international classification of the special cargo to the dangerous goods the items or substances that during the transportation may pose a risk to the human health, as well as to the vehicles themselves and to the environment are included as well as the following:

  • explosives, the items stuffed with them and the tools for their explosion;
  • liquefied and compressed gases;
  • toxic and poisonous substances;
  • flammable solids;
  • other dangerous substances and objects specified by the technical instructions for the safe transportation of dangerous goods by one or another mean of transport.

The technical instructions also strictly regulate the rules by which the dangerous goods are carried by all transport modes, including those relating to the design, packaging, labeling, conditions of the shipping and loading / unloading. Even if the goods are not included to the list of dangerous ones, but raise doubts about their safety by the carrier, the shipper must provide the documents proving that the shipment is not dangerous.

Our employees are well-oriented in such nuances associated with the transportation of the dangerous goods, ensuring the strict adherence of the safety measures at the whole route of the transportation of the dangerous goods.