Transportation of perishable goods

Domestic and international transportation of the perishable goods, including the transportation of the products, by all means of transport – road, air, rail and sea.

We offer the most optimal schemes of the combined transportations involving any mean of transport and the use of all the logistics infrastructure along the route of the transportation of the goods. This ensures the safety of the goods and minimizes the costs of the delivery.

Transportation of perishable goods: characteristics and requirements

The transportation of the perishable goods refers to the delivery of the special cargo, which requires keeping to the special conditions and terms of the transportation, handling, storage and packaging, as the goods qualities or the appointment of such goods can deteriorate or be completely lost due to the adverse changes in the temperature, humidity and the time of the delivery.

Among the perishable (urgent) cargoes are:

  • plant foods (vegetables, berries and fruit, including citrus fruit);
  • animal products (meat and poultry, eggs, caviar, fish and seafood, including chilled and smoked one);
  • processed products of the vegetable and animal products: frozen fruit, berries and vegetables, oil and fats, meat products, including sausages, canned goods, dairy products, including cheese;
  • live plants, seedlings, flowers, seeds and tubers;
  • live fish seed (caviar, juveniles, fingerlings);
  • medical and biological products, including vaccines and serums, live human organs, preserved blood, congelated embryo);
  • publication of periodicals (newspapers and magazines), because the information which they contain may be out of date in case of the delay in the delivery.

The transportation of the perishable goods including the transportation of products that require excellent knowledge of the regulations and the experience of working with such goods. Our experts have the one and the other and will always find an opportunity for the priority sending of the urgent cargo.