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Секция запрос стоимости услуг
Секция запрос стоимости услуг

Air cargo transportation with Polex Express

The percent of cargo transportation by air in the total mass of cargo transportation around the world is growing every year. This is associated with minimal risks with obvious advantages of transportation. The increasing demand for air cargo transportation services is due to the high reliability of the vehicle and the guarantee of the safety of goods. Delivery by air is carried out in the shortest possible time, while the likelihood of theft and damage to the cargo is extremely low. This is the fastest and safest way to deliver products anywhere in the world.

Air cargo transportation is a priority direction of the Polex Express transport company. We provide a full range of logistics and transportation services. A wide geography of transportation, close cooperation with international carriers, knowledge of the intricacies of customs control and nuances in legislation that relate to the import / export of goods - this is what distinguishes the work of our operator. We will draw up the best route, resolve all issues related to the paperwork and legal support, organize packaging, labeling and storage in accordance with the characteristics of the cargo.

Specificity of air cargo transportation

Air transportation is often ordered for oversized cargo, dangerous goods and items, especially valuable and expensive cargo, medicines, products with a limited shelf life and special transportation conditions. However, the aircraft is not suitable for the carriage of goods with non-standard dimensions, since it is not always possible to carry out weight distribution or securely fix the item.
Air delivery of goods - standard and groupage - is simpler in technical terms and at the stage of preparation. In this case, it is not difficult to place and secure loads. Rationally use air transport when it becomes necessary to deliver humanitarian aid, as well as goods that quickly lose their characteristics. Plane is the preferred option for transporting animals, as they are easier to transport than travel by road and rail. Finally, the safety and security guarantee is provided by the airport service, which gives permission for take-off only if the rules for securing the cargo are observed.
Efficiency and safety are the main advantages of international air transportation, which make air delivery an uncontested option. But transportation by air has its own characteristics.

List of services for air transportation

What do we offer:

  • Our specialists will deal with the registration of documents for import / export and will carry the goods through customs control;
  • Organization of door-to-door transportation with the integration of air delivery into multimodal transportation schemes;
  • Selection of the best routes from charter and regular flights;
  • Packaging, labeling and transportation of goods in accordance with its characteristics;
  • Storage of goods in warehouses;
  • Prompt delivery upon arrival;
  • Continuous monitoring of the movement and safety of cargo.

Our specialists coordinate the efforts of forwarding services, customs services and warehouses in order to avoid overlaps and downtime, which means damage to the client. We will create a fast and profitable route in cooperation with the largest airlines for air cargo transportation.

Advantages of international transportation with Polex Express

5 reasons to choose us:

  • Drawing up fast and safe delivery schemes;
  • Registration of trade and customs documentation for the quick transfer of goods across the border;
  • Information support of the client at any time of the day;
  • The optimal price for international cargo air transportation, which is possible thanks to long-term cooperation with carriers;
  • Cargo insurance and safety guarantee.
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