Service cost request section
Service cost request section

Road Freight with Polex Express

Road transport is the most common way of delivering goods domestically and internationally. This type of transportation is optimal in terms of efficiency, delivery speed and ease of organization. Standard cargo is transported without the use of special loading equipment, and delivery is carried out in a short time.

Carriage of goods by road is one of the priority directions of the Polex Express transport service. We carry out domestic and international cargo transportation by trucks, delivering the order quickly and at an affordable cost. An extensive fleet of vehicles, extensive experience, knowledge of the intricacies of the customs convention and high-quality service distinguish the work of our operator. We cooperate with global carriers and integrate trucking into multimodal delivery schemes. To quickly send the goods with a guarantee of safety, please contact the professionals - the Polex Express transport service.

Trucking services: what we offer

You can order a full range of services for domestic and international road transport from us:
  • We organize cargo transportation by road. For transportation within Ukraine, trucks of the required carrying capacity and body type are used, which ensures fast and safe transportation of any type of cargo. Also, our logisticians coordinate the work of technical services, carriers, warehouse and customs services when organizing road transport to distant regions;
  • If necessary, we will perform urgent cargo transportation "for yesterday". A route is promptly drawn up, commodity and customs documentation is drawn up for carrying goods across the border.

Reliable trucking to Ukraine

What Polex-express offers:

  • We deliver goods on time. Knowing the peculiarities of the customs control and the schedule of the movement of carriers, our logisticians draw up a transportation scheme in which the risks of downtime and, as a result, damage to the client are excluded. As a result, the goods / raw materials quickly arrive at the final destination of the route;
  • Registration of documents for import / export and customs control for international road transport. Employees monitor the changes that are made to the procedure for conducting customs control, and, in accordance with them, work out the documentation. Thanks to this, the time spent on checks is minimized;
  • Cargo insurance. Whether it is goods, raw materials or personal belongings, your cargo is insured against damage and breakage;
  • Monitoring the location and condition of cargo around the clock. The manager monitors the status and movement of the object, informing the client about it on the first request;
  • Flexible pricing due to different delivery options - groupage or "turnkey".

When composing a route, we take into account the risks and various factors: weather, road surface conditions, the length of the shoulder girdle, the final cost of delivery in one case or another.

International road transport

International road transport: what we deliver

The company owns its own vehicles (truck tractors, semi-trailers, temperature controlled trailers) and rents trucks to carry out transportation of any type of cargo. All vehicles are certified and meet the Transport Safety Requirements (TSR1).
What do we transport?
  • Cargo requiring temperature control (perishable food, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies). For this, refrigerators and isotherms are used that maintain the desired temperature;
  • High-value and especially valuable goods that are at risk of theft;
  • Industrial cargo on heavy-duty vehicles (from 24 tons).

We deliver standard and oversized cargo, offering optimal logistics solutions for fast and economical international road transport.

Advantages of road transport with Polex Express

Where we are better

International road transportation of goods by our service is:
1. Versatility. We deliver all types of any cargo: building materials, liquid and bulk substances, especially valuable and dangerous objects, oversized cargo, animals, food, raw materials for industrial enterprises, etc.
2. Guarantee of safety and financial protection against force majeure.
3. Confidence in fast and accurate delivery. We cooperate with reliable carriers, which eliminates the possibility of overlaps and downtime on the road.
4. Wide geography of transportation - to the CIS countries, Europe, Asia.

5. Affordable cost of road transportation, which depends on the mileage, type of vehicle, cargo and its dimensions.

To calculate the cost of international road transport, call us or use the calculator on the website.

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