Delivery of goods from Germany

Transportation cost from Germany
Transportation cost from Germany

Cargo transportation from Germany

Transportation of goods between European countries does not stop in any case - they are important for ensuring normal life. Trucking from Germany to Ukraine allows citizens of our country to receive a variety of goods, regardless of weight and volume.

Polex-express offers to bring cargo from germany at a favorable cost, which guarantees the safety of goods and prompt passage of the border. Our company has at its disposal a fleet of vehicles capable of transporting the type of cargo for which the vehicle is designed.

Types of goods for transportation from Germany

Cargo transportation is carried out with the following types:

  • prefabricated;
  • ADR of several classes (dangerous goods);
  • liquid;
  • oversized;
  • oversized;
  • bulk (grain, coal, sand).
The client has the ability to control the delivery process due to the availability of the cargo tracking option. It is enough to enter the invoice number, and then see the status of the operation. The total cost of cargo transportation from Germany is calculated based on the distance and type of transport used. At the customer's disposal are vehicles with a carrying capacity of up to 20 tons, which are regularly serviced, guaranteeing timely delivery to the destination.

Trucking from Germany to Ukraine

Polex-express advantages

Transportation from Germany to Ukraine of any type of cargo with the participation of our specialists has several advantages:

  • experience in transporting goods in the EU countries. Delivery from Poland, Germany and other countries will be prompt, regardless of the volume;
  • knowledge of all possible routes where the movement of vehicles with bulky cargo is allowed. This is how the shortest route is developed, thanks to which the client receives the order on time;
  • cargo safety guarantee - everything will be delivered as carefully as possible, and the work itself is performed subject to a contract between the company and the client.
With minimal dimensions, a groupage cargo from Germany is completed, which includes cargo from several customers at once. Cargoes from several cities are consolidated in one truck and then sent to Ukraine.

If you need equipment delivery from Germany, please contact our specialist to clarify the details (volume, weight, purpose). As a result, the mode of transport for transportation, route, terms and final cost of the service will be determined.

Conditions for favorable transportation from Germany

How to deliver cargo from Germany to Ukraine

Call one of the indicated numbers to decide how to deliver the goods from Germany to Ukraine promptly. Permits are issued, customs accreditation, cargo insurance and storage in proper conditions until handing over to the customer. Delivery time depends on several factors:

  • weight, dimensions;
  • type of cargo;
  • cost;
  • variant of the used transport.
In some situations, overland delivery cannot be used, which will require air delivery from Germany. Polex-express also performs air transportation, if the situation requires it. Contact our consultants in order to resolve important issues regarding your order.
Delivery of oversized cargo from Germany (and oversized) is discussed additionally, depending on what needs to be transported - industrial / construction equipment or agricultural machinery.

Take advantage of the offer now to significantly reduce the cost of transporting German goods and goods from other countries in transit through Germany. We cooperate with individuals and companies who need to receive goods from abroad on a regular basis.

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