Delivery of goods from China

Cost of cargo from China
Cost of cargo from China

Cargo from China with Polex Express

China is the world leader in the production of goods. It is much more profitable to purchase various products for personal needs and for sale from Chinese sellers and manufacturers, since the purchase price is more than profitable and allows you to make a good markup. At the same time, the level of manufacturing of Chinese products has improved significantly, and there are many high quality items on the market at an optimal cost. The only obstacle to buying is cargo transportation from China. It is problematic and unprofitable to bring goods on your own, while independent organization of transportation without experience in this area is fraught with risks. The best solution is to seek the services of a professional operator.

Cargo delivery from China is one of the directions of the Polex Express freight forwarding service. We organize fast and inexpensive transportation from China in a convenient way at the best cost. Working for more than six years in the market of transport services, we have established convenient schemes for transporting goods to Ukraine, guaranteeing the safety of goods. Close cooperation with reliable carriers, thorough knowledge of the features of customs clearance, real assistance to the client in reducing shipping costs and flexible pricing are the reasons to contact us.

Why it is profitable with us

If you need to buy a certain group of goods, it is worth bringing them from China:
  • Low production cost. For a product with similar characteristics, bought in Ukraine, you will have to pay several times more;
  • Delivery from stores in China is affordable and will save you money;
  • The goods that are manufactured in China, contrary to myths, are of acceptable quality, and if you wish, you can find suppliers of really high-quality products that are several times cheaper than those of European or Ukrainian production.

The official cargo service "Polex Express" will deliver any goods from the Middle Kingdom in safety at an affordable cost. Our experts will plan a convenient route and pick up a vehicle, take care of customs clearance to avoid downtime. You can calculate the cost of cargo from China using a calculator. To do this, you just need to enter the necessary calculation data. The result shows how much the cargo from China will cost.

Best shipping from China

Ways of transporting goods

Delivery from China is carried out in this way:
  • Air cargo transportation. Delivery of goods from China by air is carried out within 5-7 days, which includes customs clearance. All tasks are carried out by the forces of forwarding services, including the collection of goods in China. Thus, customer involvement in delivery tasks is minimal. Among other advantages is the guarantee of the safety of the cargo, which is ensured by the security control at the airport. The cost of air delivery of goods is higher and is suitable for transporting household appliances, high-precision electronics, fragile goods, as well as when urgent delivery is required.
  • Shipping. Delivery of groupage cargo from China by sea is an economical and safe option. But the duration of transportation in this case is longer and can reach two months. At the same time, sea transportation has unlimited capacity, so the cost is low.

To deliver cargo to the sea or airport and upon arrival to the final destination of the route, transport cargo is used.

Regardless of the chosen method of transportation, we take care of customs clearance of documents and control over transportation along the entire route. The cargo delivery scheme from China is selected in such a way as to optimize time and financial expenses. The cargo can be delivered to the warehouse or the customer's door.

Cargo delivery from China by Polex-express

Reasons to choose us

When ordering the delivery of goods from China from us, the client will appreciate the benefits:

  • Over the years of work in the field of logistics, our specialists have studied the main problems associated with delivery from China, and bypassing any pitfalls when fulfilling orders. We work only with trusted carriers, we responsibly approach the registration of customs documents and do not allow delays in transportation;
  • Flexible pricing and the ability to save. We always meet the customer's needs and offer solutions that will reduce costs;
  • Efficiency and execution of transportation on time. Experts find transportation options in the shortest possible time without increasing costs;
  • Professional attitude and high quality service.
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