Delivery of goods from Japan

Shipping cost from Japan
Shipping cost from Japan

Transportation of goods from Japan with Polex Express

Japan's economy is considered one of the strongest in the world. In terms of production and export of goods in international directions, the country occupies one of the first positions in the world ranking. The quality of household appliances and equipment is on top, and the foodstuffs produced in Japan meet the highest quality requirements.

This direction attracts Ukrainian entrepreneurs and end customers, so the delivery of goods from Japan is in demand. But since the two countries are thousands of kilometers apart, it is worth entrusting transportation to a trusted operator.

Delivery from Japan: services from "Polex Express"

Freight forwarding company Polex Express is engaged in air and sea transportation from Japan. Working since 2014, we have established close cooperation with global carriers and worked out fast, safe routes. Thorough knowledge of the rules of paperwork, competent logistics and completion of tasks on time distinguish our work.

We offer sea and air delivery of goods from Japan, providing a full range of services:
  • Choosing a route for the transportation of groupage cargo from Japan;
  • Warehouse services;
  • Registration of customs documents;
  • Loading and unloading of goods;
  • Control over the movement of cargo and providing information to the client upon request.

We carry out sea and air transportation from Japan. Shipping by sea takes longer, but the cost of the service is lower. Air transportation is the ideal solution when you need to quickly deliver cargo. The price is justified by the guarantee of safety and high speed. To calculate how much freight from Japan will cost, use the calculator on the website of the shipping company or call us by phone.

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