Delivery of goods from Georgia

Transportation cost from Georgia
Transportation cost from Georgia

Cargo transportation from Georgia to Ukraine with Polex Express

Ukraine and Georgia are trade partners, the trade turnover between which is increasing from year to year. The development of the Georgian economy attracts Ukrainian entrepreneurs: Ukraine exports to the country agricultural products (meat and milk, cereals, soybeans, corn and butter), goods of the chemical and cosmetic industries, household appliances and industrial equipment. If the work of an enterprise largely depends on the organization of sea transportation from Georgia and back, it is worth contacting trusted operators.

Freight forwarding company Polex Express organizes the delivery of goods from Georgia. Working in the field of logistics since 2014, we have established close cooperation with the world's leading carriers, studied the intricacies of the paperwork required for transferring cargo through customs, and improved coordination between all participants in the route. Cargo transportation from Georgia with us is a guarantee of the safety of goods and raw materials, prompt arrival and a reasonable price.

Delivery to Georgia: what we offer

The Polex Express logistics service delivers goods to Ukraine from Georgia, providing a range of additional services. You do not have to deal with troublesome customs clearance and search for storage facilities. Our experts organize the transportation of goods on a turnkey basis:
  • Consulting agents on foreign economic activity;
  • Organization of groupage cargo transportation from Georgia and back;
  • Paperwork for customs clearance and import / export;
  • Warehouse services;
  • Control over the movement of goods and informing the client at the first request;
  • Cargo insurance.

We carry out cargo transportation from Georgia: we work in almost all cities of the country, including Batumi, Sukhumi, Tbilisi, Kutaisi, etc. Carry any type of cargo - modular, general, rigging, etc.


Delivery of goods to Ukraine from Georgia

Efficiency and professionalism of Polex-express

The company organizes all types of transportation, choosing the best route and transport depending on the tasks set - urgency, type of cargo, volumes, etc. How is the cargo transported?

  • Sea transportation Georgia Ukraine.
  • Air transportation.
  • Automobile cargo transportation.
  • Sending containers by rail.

To find out how much it costs to transport goods to Georgia, use the calculator on the website.

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