Delivery of goods from India

Shipping cost from India
Shipping cost from India

Delivery of goods from India to Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens often use the services of delivery of goods from abroad. Among all, the delivery of goods from India (and vice versa) stands out, which is available at a favorable price to Polex-express customers.

Cargo transportation India - Ukraine can be ordered by individuals and legal entities without restrictions. International transportation is carried out by land and air.

Transportation from New Delhi to Kiev

They concern the following types of cargo:
  • industrial goods;
  • Appliances;
  • clothes, shoes;
  • Food;
  • oversized cargo.
Air freight of India can be useful for those who need to deliver a large consignment of goods at the same time or it is not possible to split a large cargo. If you are interested in the delivery of a parcel from India by air, this opportunity will speed up the receipt of the cargo, if it is important to you.
Additionally, you can use the cargo consolidation option, when parcels for different customers will be delivered by one vehicle. Sea transportation India - Ukraine is insured, and before shipment, the cargo must be packed in accordance with the requirements

Each flight goes through customs control without the need to involve outside companies. The transport company of Ukraine Polex-express provides security for valuable cargo.

Air delivery of goods from India is cheap

Transportation services from Polex-express

Call one of the proposed phone numbers to start cooperation with our company. Specify the data regarding the cargo, after which the final cost of the service will be determined. Air transportation to India is carried out on the same conditions, so the recipient of the cargo from you does not have to worry - there is an appropriate form for tracking on the website. Prompt air delivery from India is carried out only by serviceable aircraft. Please contact if you need air delivery from Taiwan and the entire relevant region.

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