Delivery of goods from Iran

Trucking cost from Iran
Trucking cost from Iran

Cargo transportation from Iran to Ukraine

Types of cargo for delivery

Transportation of various types of goods to Ukraine from the Middle East is a popular service among ordinary citizens and large companies. Transportation from Iran (and to Iran) can be carried out in the case of the following types of cargo:
  • Appliances;
  • Food;
  • medical preparations;
  • children's goods;
  • oversized cargo (agricultural equipment, machines).
International cargo can be transported by land and air. Transportation of goods from Iran provides for additional storage, packaging in accordance with current requirements and insurance in case of force majeure. Sea transportation Iran - Ukraine may be required by customers with the need to receive a large cargo that cannot be disassembled during transportation. Delivery of goods from Iran is carried out exclusively by proven, technically sound transport.

Transportation can be made cheaper by ordering a groupage delivery, which involves loading a container with goods intended for different customers. Container transportation Iran - Ukraine, carried out by Polex-express, provides for the passage of customs control, eliminating the hassle on your part.

Transportation services from Polex-express

Fast delivery from Iran to Ukraine

Call any of the numbers to place an order for the transportation of any type of cargo. Sea transportation from Iran is carried out at any time of the year. The cost depends on several factors: the type of cargo, its weight / dimensions, distance. An agreement will be signed with you, which spells out all the rights and obligations of the parties. Cargo transportation Iran - Ukraine from the Polex-express company is the most reliable due to the presence of security that does not allow unauthorized persons to gain access. We also bring to your attention the air delivery of goods from India and other countries from the corresponding region.

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