Delivery of goods from Spain

Shipping cost from Spain
Shipping cost from Spain

Delivery from Spain

Reliable transportation of goods between countries is one of the priorities of Polex-express. We offer delivery from Spain to Ukraine on favorable terms. Transportation is carried out by various types of transport. First of all, the delivery of goods from Spain is carried out by trucks designed to move from 2 to 22 tons (depending on the machine used).

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Types of goods for transportation

Cargo transportation from Europe allows you to get in a short time next type of goods:
  • household appliances;
  • clothes / shoes;
  • Food;
  • professional equipment;
  • cosmetics;
  • medicines;
  • agricultural machinery.
Delivery of shipment from Spain to Ukraine can be carried out on a turnkey basis. This allows you not to take responsibility for customs clearance and other formal procedures. Trucking from our company provides for the possibility of consolidation. This makes it possible to reduce the overall cost of delivery from Europe to Ukraine. Delivery of goods from Spain and to Spain can be performed by a convenient route for the client. The combination of several types of transport will eliminate the difficulties when moving large cargoes that cannot be separated or disassembled.

Delivery from Spain by Polex-express

Try order trucking from Spain

Please, call to the specialists of the Polex-express company to start cooperation. During communication with our employee, it is required to indicate the parameters of the cargo (weight, dimensions) and its type. The cost of delivery from Spain directly depends on this. We work with individuals and legal entities. The service is especially convenient for those who order clothes delivery from Spain. After packaging, no one has access to it. The possibility of delivery from Italy and other European countries is also available.

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