Delivery of goods from Italy

Transportation cost from Italy
Transportation cost from Italy

Delivery of goods from Italy

Many citizens place orders for goods abroad, including the countries of the European Union. That is why delivery from Italy to Ukraine has become a popular service of Polex-express. We offer our clients at a favorable cost of transportation, which will allow us to receive the goods in safety.

Transportation is carried out for individuals and legal entities with the conclusion of a contract. Delivery from Italy and back can be carried out by cars of different carrying capacity and by other means of transport, if the situation so requires.

Advantages of delivery of goods from Italy from Polex-express

Often, the delivery of parcels from Europe is unpredictable: it can be delayed or the cargo is transferred to another company without the ability to track the movement. When ordering a service from our company, the cargo will be serviced exclusively by our specialists, which reduces overall costs and excludes the possibility of loss or damage. Other advantages of working with us:
  • delivery of parcels from Italy to Ukraine is carried out by transport, which is designed to transport large volumes (if required);
  • the possibility of cargo consolidation in order to reduce the cost of services;
  • customs clearance is carried out as quickly as possible, allowing you to receive the goods without additional waiting.

International delivery from Polex-express is suitable for those who just want to send the goods without worrying about it. We will take care of packaging that protects against damage. If you are a businessman, our experts will help you find the best route. This is useful when transporting goods from Italy that involves moving expensive equipment that cannot be disassembled. If it is not possible to transport the cargo only by car, additional transport will be involved.


Delivery services from Italy from Polex-express

Order delivery of goods from Italy

Call now to discuss the details of cooperation. At your service the transportation of cosmetics, furniture, food, transport, medicines. Delivery of clothes from Italy is also available for those who want quality things for themselves or are selling them. The cost of service depends on the type of cargo, weight, dimensions, distance, the chosen mode of transport for movement. You can also use delivery from Poland and other European countries. Respect and compliance with all applicable requirements is guaranteed.


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