Delivery of goods from Canada

Service cost request section
Service cost request section

Delivery of goods from Canada

Manufacturing enterprises in Canada produce agricultural equipment, food products and other goods that may be of interest to the Ukrainian consumer.

The international carrier Polex Express offers delivery services from Canada to Ukraine and vice versa. Our company will carry out the transportation of commercial goods and personal belongings - quickly, reliably, inexpensively.

Delivery from Canada: full cycle freight services

When ordering the transportation of cargo to Canada, clients are faced with the need to resolve related issues related to the preparation of documents and other operations. The Polex Express company takes care of all issues related to delivery to Canada from Ukraine and back. Our employees provide a full range of logistics services:
  • Turnkey cargo transportation and groupage cargo organization;
  • Registration of a package of documents for import / export;
  • Carrying out goods through customs control;
  • Packing, marking, loading and unloading of goods;
  • Cargo insurance.

For the delivery of goods to Canada, our specialists will develop the best route, pack and mark it, deliver the cargo to the airport or seaport, and take care of customs clearance. In the country of receipt, the service ensures reliable storage and delivery of the parcel.

Cargo transportation from Canada to Ukraine

Delivery of goods to Canada: types of freight

Delivery of parcels from Ukraine to Canada is carried out in two ways:
1. By air from the international airport "Kharkiv". Air delivery will
cost more, among the advantages - efficiency and reliability. Send cargo
by air it makes sense when you need to receive the goods in a short time or guarantee
safety of especially valuable, expensive cargo.
2. Delivery of parcels to Canada by sea is preferable when organizing groupage cargo, when
transport speed does not matter. Shipping costs from Canada to ports

Ukraine or vice versa in this case below.

How much does shipping cost to Canada? The price is calculated depending on the type of cargo, its weight and dimensions. The final amount is also influenced by insurance and packaging, the chosen route and the type of delivery - by sea or air. To calculate the cost of express delivery to Canada with Polex Express, call us or use the calculator on the website.

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