Delivery of goods from Pakistan

Trucking cost from Pakistan
Trucking cost from Pakistan

Delivery of goods from Pakistan

Types of goods for transportation

Contact the specialists of the Polex-express company if you need delivery from Pakistan quickly and profitably. The service concerns the transportation of such types of cargo:
  • textiles / fabrics;
  • Food;
  • Appliances;
  • medicines.
International transportation of goods can be carried out by air, if you need to get the required promptly. All goods from Pakistan go through customs control without interference from other companies. Engaging only our specialists significantly reduces your costs. The procedure for the delivery of parcels from Pakistan also includes storage of goods before collection and insurance.
Delivery by the transport company Polex-express allows you to solve several problems: the risk of cargo loss, damage or theft. This is excluded due to high-quality packaging, accounting and security.

Air delivery from Pakistan will make it possible to receive large cargoes that cannot be divided by the time of transportation - this includes vehicles, machine tools, construction and agricultural machinery. Delivery of goods from Pakistan and to Pakistan is carried out upon the conclusion of a contract, which guarantees the reliability of the service provided.

Air Freight from Pakistan

How to deliver cargo from Pakistan now

Call the indicated numbers to order transport services. If necessary, a complex route will be drawn up, where several modes of transport will be used, if the situation so requires. You can always track a parcel from Pakistan on the main page using the invoice number. The final cost of services is calculated based on the type of cargo, weight, dimensions, distance and additional parameters. Delivery of fabric from Pakistan to Ukraine (as well as other goods) will be carried out in a timely manner. Use also transportation from Iran - we also work with goods from this country.

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