Delivery of goods from Poland

Trucking cost from Poland
Trucking cost from Poland

Delivery of goods from Poland

If you need to bring cargo from Poland quickly and carefully, contact Polex-express for help. This service is popular among individuals, entrepreneurs and large companies. Trucking from Poland to Ukraine is carried out upon conclusion of an agreement indicating all the conditions of cooperation.

The presence of a common border allows you to constantly transport large consignments of goods - among all the groupage cargo from Poland stands out, which is completed a little longer, but at a lower cost for the client.

Reliable cargo transportation from Poland

Now the delivery of goods from Europe (including Poland) provides for the transportation of the following types of goods:
  • Appliances;
  • cleaners;
  • cosmetics;
  • shoes and clothing;
  • products for children;
  • Food.
Additionally, you can order the delivery of equipment from Poland if you need to install it in your own production. In this situation, trucks will be used to transport large volumes of cargo or alternative modes of transport. In some situations, the best option would be air delivery from Poland due to the lack of the ability to transport bulky cargo by road.
We have trailers, semi-trailers, special platforms for moving oversized cargo and special vehicles at our disposal.

Transportation of goods from Poland

Profitable services from Polex-express

International transportation from the Polex-express company has several advantages:
  • profitable price;
  • route rationalization;
  • insurance and customs clearance is easy;
  • the opportunity to consult on the choice of the method of transportation.

Cargo Poland - Ukraine undergoes a preliminary inspection before shipment, after which it is securely packed, excluding any accidental movement during transportation. Additionally, you can send any type of cargo to Poland on the same terms. You can use the tracking number to track delivery.

Transportation services from Polex-express

How to deliver cargo from Poland to Ukraine now

Please contact the specified coordinates to start cooperation with our company. Delivery of bulky goods from Poland is carried out only by vehicles that have undergone maintenance, which guarantees the safety and timeliness of receipt. The cost of transportation from Poland to Ukraine is calculated based on the type of cargo, volume, type of transport. If you need to deliver goods from France, call us - we work in European countries on similar conditions.

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