Delivery of goods from the USA

Shipping cost from USA
Shipping cost from USA

Delivery of goods from the USA with Polex Express

The USA is the leader of the world economy, the largest producer of goods for the end consumer and business. In most cases, making purchases in US stores is more profitable than purchasing in official stores and representative offices in Ukraine. If the site or store does not deliver from the USA to Ukraine, it is worth contacting a professional operator for transportation services, which can guarantee the safety of the goods and the execution of the order on time.

The Polex Express transport company will help you to buy in America with delivery. Our service has completed thousands of orders for the shipment of goods and goods from the United States to Ukraine and back. Strong ties with global carriers, competent coordination of the actions of all performers involved in transportation, knowledge of the intricacies of customs clearance are the factors of our successful work. To quickly get the desired cargo or product, contact a trusted operator - "Polex Express".

Delivery of goods from the USA: why it is profitable

Buying in the USA with delivery to Ukraine is more economically profitable than purchasing in our country. What are the advantages of such purchases?
  • Leading multi-brand retailers (Amazon, Ebay, Asos, etc.) regularly hold sales and promotions, reducing the cost of product groups or offering free shipping. On some other sites, promotional prices are active almost all the time.
  • The cost of branded items purchased directly on the official website of the store and similar products from stores in Ukraine may differ significantly. Buying in Ukraine, of course, hits the budget, so it is more profitable to order in the USA. At a reasonable price, you get a quality product and a guarantee of the authenticity of the product, which is not always possible in Ukraine.
  • A wide range of products on American sites. You can buy almost everything in America with delivery: the stores have household goods, household appliances and electronics, as well as gadgets for it, clothes, shoes, toys and much more.
  • High level of product quality. Delivery of parcels from the USA is always a guarantee of safe and durable use, manufacturability and high-quality manufacturing of each unit of goods, which compares favorably with those purchased on the Ukrainian market.

We, as intermediaries for deliveries from the United States, will ensure that the goods or goods are quickly received by the addressee. All the hassle of registration and shipment is taken over by our specialists, you just have to get the desired package.

Types of transportation from the USA

What types of transport does Polex prefer?

Freight forwarding company "Polex Express" performs international transport, within which you can order the delivery of parcels from the USA. The postal item is delivered in several ways:
  • Sea container transportation. Shipping price is lower, but arrival speed is slower. Nevertheless, to deliver the goods / goods by sea is the optimal solution for those who do not need the goods "for tomorrow";
  • Air freight is a fast way to deliver orders from America. Sending by air is more expensive, but it fully justifies itself when there is a need to order expensive and high-precision electronics, equipment, medicines, etc.

Since we are talking about intercontinental delivery, sea transportation or air delivery is built into the multimodal transportation scheme, which involves the use of several types of vehicles. To move a parcel from a warehouse to a seaport or airport and then in the opposite direction in the recipient's country, we use road transport. This is the optimal type of cargo transportation in terms of speed and mobility, which allows us to deliver parcels to you without delays or downtime.

Internet shipping from the USA

What do we offer

Our company offers turnkey delivery services from the USA:
  • Organization of transportation of goods from America;
  • Selection of the optimal route and type of transportation in accordance with the wishes of the client;
  • Constant monitoring of the condition of the parcel and informing the client upon request;
  • Registration of customs documents for hassle-free import;
  • Cargo insurance.

Reasons to choose us

Polex-express advantages

To buy goods in the USA with delivery to Ukraine, contact a verified operator. Our service will ensure timely delivery, minimizing the risks:
  • Well-established cooperation with leading carriers allows you to quickly deliver goods and goods;
  • Competent coordination of actions of warehouse enterprises, carriers and customs services prevents delays at the border;
  • Our specialists know all the subtleties of paperwork for different groups of goods;
  • Reasonable shipping cost from the USA and flexible price adjustment, depending on wishes and budget.

To calculate the cost of receiving goods from an American online store, use the calculator on the website of our company.

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