Delivery of goods from Asia

Shipping cost from Asia
Shipping cost from Asia

Delivery of goods from Asia

The Asian direction is one of the most important in the trade of goods regardless of destination: household appliances, industrial equipment, cars and other goods. Delivery from Asia at a favorable cost is available to Polex-express customers now.

Types of transportation from Polex

Among the main services stand out:
  • road transportation;
  • railway delivery;
  • transportation by sea;
  • air delivery from China and Asia;
  • customs clearance.

Each option has its own characteristics - for example, shipping by sea requires the most waiting time, but there will be no problems with oversized cargo. Delivery of goods from Asia is one of the most popular services among entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens who want to receive their goods intact. This applies to goods from China and Turkey, which are in demand in Ukraine due to the ratio of price and quality.

Advantages of cargo transportation from Turkey and China from Polex-express


The main advantages of cooperation with specialists of our company:
  • the cargo will be stored as reliably as possible due to the careful attitude of the employees;
  • possibility of delivery of groupage cargo from Asia;
  • the shortest possible transportation time - the duration depends directly on the delivery method you choose;
  • prompt and error-free processing of documents at customs.

Delivery from Turkey will eventually become much cheaper than in cooperation with other companies, and important cargo will not be lost. From the beginning to the end of the transportation, only our personnel will handle the cargo, excluding the transfer to other companies, as happens with traditional postal delivery.

Order cargo transportation from Asia

Polex delivery services from Asia

Call the indicated numbers to start cooperation with Polex-express. You will be required to indicate the type of cargo, dimensions, weight, the required time frame and other information. Cargo delivery from Asia will be most convenient for those who do not know a foreign language and the peculiarities of the legislation of the states from which the goods are transported. Delivery of goods from China will be carried out by the type of transport that best suits the interests of the client and will ensure the best safety. We recommend that you clarify the full cost of the cargo before sending it to Ukraine - there are restrictions on duty-free import into the country. Cargo transportation from Asia is carried out with all the necessary licenses / permits, the procedure takes place using special containers, if the delivery requires it. In case of disputable situations, our staff will help you figure it out, and for those who need to know the current location of the cargo, a tracking form by number works.
Delivery of large quantities of goods from Asia is not carried out in the case of weapons, perishable food and other cargo, which is prohibited from being transported through the territory of Ukraine and the countries where the transport will pass.

If you have additional questions regarding services and certain aspects of the transported cargo, ask them to the consultants who work on the line.

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