Delivery of goods from Thailand

Trucking cost from Thailand
Trucking cost from Thailand

Delivery of goods from Thailand to Ukraine

Available goods for transportation

Many citizens use such a service as the delivery of goods from Thailand to Ukraine. The service provides for the packaging, storage and movement of the following goods by various means of transport:
  • clothes, shoes;
  • children's products;
  • medical preparations;
  • Food;
  • Technics;
  • equipment for production.
You can order international cargo transportation from Polex-express at a favorable cost. To speed up the receipt of cargo, delivery from Thailand can be ordered by plane. There is also a cheaper option, but requiring a longer wait - sea transport. Goods delivered from Thailand are insured, undergo customs control without transferring our functions to other companies, reducing the final cost of service. Courier delivery from Thailand to Ukraine can be performed with consolidation, which provides for the collection of cargo in one vehicle for different customers. You just have to wait for the order. You can always track the movement of cargo on our website.

Transport services also include the preparation of a complex route, which includes sections of the route on which different types of transport will be used. Express delivery from Thailand is available to individuals and legal entities.

Transportation of parcels from Thailand

Favorable delivery of goods with Polex-express

Contact the indicated numbers to order the transportation of any type of cargo, regardless of weight, size and type. If you are interested in how much shipping from Thailand (and to Thailand) costs, consult with an employee who will help you calculate the full price based on the parameters of the cargo itself and the distance. Delivery to Ukraine from Thailand will be completed on time. Delivery from Pakistan is also at your service if you need to transport cargo from this state.


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