Delivery of goods from Taiwan

Trucking cost from Taiwan
Trucking cost from Taiwan

Delivery of goods from Taiwan

Types of goods for transportation

Polex-express offers you air delivery of cargo from Taiwan to Ukraine on favorable terms. The service can be used by individuals and companies, regardless of the volume of cargo. Taiwan - Ukraine delivery allows you to receive the following types of goods:
  • industrial goods;
  • Food;
  • precision equipment;
  • Appliances.
International transport can be carried out by sea or air, speeding up the procedure. Taiwan - Ukraine air delivery is especially useful when you need to receive large consignments of goods or oversized cargo that cannot be dispatched quickly by sea and land. Also, air delivery from Taiwan can be supplemented by transportation by car through the territory of Ukraine. In this situation, a detailed route is drawn up, taking into account possible obstacles.
The Polex-express transport company also carries out groupage cargo transportation, allowing customers to reduce costs.

Transportation to Taiwan is available on similar conditions - it is necessary to agree on the details with an employee, give the cargo to be inspected and measured, after which it will be packed and insured. Delivery of parcels from Taiwan to Ukraine (warehouse in Taiwan) is carried out with customs control. During storage, all conditions are observed in accordance with the requirements for a particular type of cargo.

Cargo transportation from Taiwan to Ukraine

Delivery fast and cheap with Polex-express

Please contact our employees at the indicated numbers to receive the cargo ordered from Taiwan at the best cost. Delivery from Taiwan to Ukraine takes place under the full control of our company, therefore, the intervention of unauthorized persons is excluded. The final cost of transportation of the cargo will be calculated based on the distance, the selected mode of transport, the type of cargo, and its quantity. Delivery from Thailand and other Asian countries is available for our clients.


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