Delivery of goods from Turkey

Cargo cost from Turkey
Cargo cost from Turkey

Delivery of goods from Turkey with Polex Express

The trade partnership between Ukraine and Turkey has been actively supported for many years, and the trade turnover is growing from year to year, as is the range of goods. Countries import and export food, textiles, agricultural products, etc. Therefore, fast and timely delivery of goods from Turkey and in the opposite direction is an important link in the chain of business processes of enterprises. To deliver the goods safely and in accordance with the terms, you should contact a trusted operator.

Cargo transportation from Turkey is one of the main directions of the Polex Express freight forwarding company. In more than 6 years, we have completed dozens of orders for the transportation of goods between the two countries. Successful implementation is possible thanks to close cooperation with large sea, aviation and road carriers, knowledge of customs clearance rules and precise coordination of actions of all participants in cargo transportation. Delivery of a container from Turkey will not take long.

Cargo from Turkey: our services

Our service carries out international cargo Turkey-Ukraine, providing additional services. We undertake the solution of all issues related to the paperwork and transfer of goods through customs:
  • Services of a foreign trade agent who will assist in finding suppliers and drawing up a contract;
  • Registration of documentation for the transportation of goods, raw materials for export / import;
  • Selection of the optimal route and scheme - air or sea transportation from Turkey to Ukraine;
  • Search for transport of the required tonnage, loading and unloading of goods;
  • Control over the storage of goods in the warehouse;
  • Delivery of cargo "to the door".

We ship groupage cargo from Turkey to Ukraine, we also carry out transportation of general and other types of cargo. Food products are transported in insulated vans or refrigerators. To quickly send the goods, the company organizes express delivery from Turkey to Ukraine. The cost of cargo from Turkey can be found using a miscalculation calculator. After entering all the necessary values, you will find out how much the cargo from Turkey to Ukraine costs.

Our company carries out both transport and air cargo transportation from Turkey. Cargo Turkey-Ukraine is a fairly popular service on the market, so we try to provide you with favorable prices and conditions of transportation.

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