Delivery of goods from the UK

Shipping cost from UK
Shipping cost from UK

Cargo transportation from the UK to Ukraine

Types of goods for transportation

Ukrainian citizens place orders for various goods from the UK due to favorable prices, efficiency of transportation and ease of delivery, even in comparison with geographically closer countries. Delivery from England is carried out by Polex-express at a favorable price. At your service is the delivery of parcels from England to Ukraine by vehicles of different carrying capacity. Clients can receive in a short time:
  • Food;
  • clothes and shoes;
  • household appliances;
  • Kids' things.
Delivery of parcels from Europe is carried out exclusively by the transport that has passed the preliminary inspection, guaranteeing no delays. Cargo shipments from the UK are customs cleared, eliminating the need to overpay for related services to other companies.
If there is a need to receive complex equipment or other oversized cargo, you can use air delivery from England, which will reduce the waiting time.

In some situations, it is possible to use multimodal transportation, which involves the combination of several modes of transport on one route. People who require the delivery of clothes from England can be sure of the safety of the cargo - it will be securely packed.

Delivery from England to Ukraine is cheap

Polex-express advantages

If you need delivery of goods from England, call the indicated phone numbers to contact our employee who will help you determine the optimal mode of transport. Shipping costs from England are based on distance, weight, size, type of cargo. You can take the opportunity to ship your shipment to the UK on similar terms. Polex-express customers have access to transportation from Spain and other European countries on similar terms. Safety for cargo is guaranteed at all stages of delivery.

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