Delivery of goods from France

Transportation cost from France
Transportation cost from France

Delivery of goods from France to Ukraine

What goods do we deliver

Many now use delivery from France to Ukraine (and vice versa) for the transportation of goods for various purposes. These usually include:
  • clothes, shoes;
  • Appliances;
  • some food items;
  • Kids' things;
  • stationery.

Delivery of clothes from France is especially popular due to the lower costs (compared to personal travel, which will require additional funds). Polex-express will deliver most types of cargo in the shortest possible time as reliably as possible. For transportation, vehicles with a carrying capacity between 2 and 22 tons are used. Delivery of bulky goods from France can also be carried out by air, if it is not possible to transport everything by road.

If you have made an order for certain goods in Europe, you can use the combined cargo service. Groupage cargo from Europe can be obtained much cheaper - in this case, the parcels are collected in one car before it is filled. Delivery of parcels from France to Ukraine is carried out with customs clearance, and all work is carried out exclusively by our specialists, keeping the cost at the lowest possible level.

Transportation services from France

Profitable delivery from Polex-express

Call us now to order the transportation of goods to any locality in Ukraine. We carry out packing of goods, drawing up the optimal route and coordination with the client. Air delivery from France will speed up the process and transport oversized cargo that cannot be transported by car (special equipment, agricultural machinery). The final price for freight transportation from France is based on the type of cargo, weight, dimensions and the required mode of transport. We also offer transportation from the Czech Republic, which is used by Polex-express clients from all over Ukraine.

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