Delivery of goods from Europe

Shipping cost from Europe
Shipping cost from Europe

Delivery from Europe to Ukraine with Polex Express

Buying things, electronics, spare parts, food and other goods in online stores in Europe is more profitable than buying similar products in Ukraine. As a rule, the cost does not exceed the price of similar items in our stores, and often much lower. The quality of assembly / workmanship, the functionality of European products is always on top, which cannot be sure when buying in our country. In order to quickly and without unnecessary hassle get the desired goods, it is worth ordering delivery from Europe to Ukraine from a reliable operator.

Delivery of goods from Europe is one of the key areas of work of the freight forwarding company Polex Express. We carry out air and road transportation of goods and goods from European countries - Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Austria, etc. Competent organization of the route, joining of performers on each segment of the route, knowledge of the peculiarities of customs clearance are the factors that allow us to successfully fulfill orders of any complexity.

Delivery of goods from Europe: transport services from "Polex Express"

Carrying out the shipment of European products, our company offers a full range of transport and logistics services:
  • Organization of cargo delivery from Europe. Our experts select the optimal route in terms of speed and cost, type of cargo transportation, vehicles;
  • Customs clearance of documents for the transportation of goods without downtime;
  • Loading and unloading, assembly of groupage consignments;
  • Insurance of goods;
  • Delivery of cargo to the final addressee;
  • Constant control of the movement of goods and informing the client at the first request.

Our company has many years of experience in close cooperation with global carriers, therefore, groupage cargo is dispatched on time, without delays and overlaps on the road. Any failures and forgiveness are excluded, since the arrival of goods to the transshipment points is carefully calculated and controlled by logisticians.

Cargo transportation from Europe to Ukraine

How are parcels delivered from Europe

All goods can be delivered from European countries:
  • By air. Air transportation is the optimal solution for the transportation of food products with a limited shelf life. Delivery by air takes from 3 to 5 days, depending on the geographic distance of the point of departure. In this case, the cost of delivery of products from Europe is higher than by road, but the high speed of delivery and the guarantee of safety justify the costs;
  • By car. Road transportation is convenient when moving cargo over relatively short distances or, if necessary, to optimize delivery costs. Delivery of clothes from Europe, groupage cargo is carried out by trucks. The advantages of this type of transportation are mobility, reasonable price.

Air transportation involves the use of multimodal schemes, when several types of vehicles are involved on the route. The goods are delivered to the airport by car and in the same way are moved to the warehouse, at the sender's address in the country of arrival.

Delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine

Polex Express advantages

Cargo transportation with our transport service has a number of advantages for the client:
  • Timely delivery from online stores in Europe by plane or road.
  • Guaranteed cargo safety, insurance.
  • Turnkey shipping: we take on the entire range of shipping tasks.
  • Moderate cost of services and the ability to adjust the cost.

To calculate how much a groupage delivery from Europe costs, use the calculator on the website.

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