Delivery from Belarus

The cost of transportation from Belarus
The cost of transportation from Belarus

Delivery from Belarus

Belarus is one of the largest partners of Ukraine in the import and export of goods. In 2018 and 2019, Ukraine ranked second in terms of freight traffic from Belarus. Agricultural and petrochemical products form the basis of Belarusian exports. Delivery from Belarus to Ukraine is one of the most popular and demanded services. Every day, logistics companies send about 50-100 cargoes with various goods: from legumes to mechanical engineering.

The Polex-express company possesses professional knowledge in logistics, therefore it is one of the leaders in this industry. Our staff will help resolve any issues related to documentation and delivery from the Republic of Belarus, absolutely beneficial for the client.

From Belarus to Ukraine: delivery features

Our company offers transportation services for all kinds of cargo:

  • container;
  • bulk;
  • bulk;
  • groupage cargo and FCL;
  • general.
Container and groupage cargo is in demand, based on the possibility of fast and high-quality delivery. 60% of the total volume of products shipped are perishable goods, which are best transported between neighboring countries.
Polex-express provides the following methods of delivery of goods from Belarus to Ukraine:
  • road transportation;
  • air transportation;
  • transportation by rail;

Groupage cargo from Belarus to Ukraine is most often transported by air. This is the safest and fastest way to deliver your package.

To comply with all the settings for the delivery of goods from Belarus, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules for the declaration and registration of goods, respectively.

Prohibited goods at the customs of Belarus

What cannot be exported from Belarus

Belarus is in the Customs Union, so the restrictions on export are as follows:

  • precious stones not exceeding $ 25,000;
  • up to 10 liters of fuel;
  • up to 5 kg of fish and seafood;
  • over-the-counter medications;
  • elements of art without commission confirmation.

Trucking from Belarus to Ukraine

Delivery from Belarus: advantages of Polex-express

Our company has been organizing safe and high-quality transportation for 5 years. Task number 1 is to deliver the goods safe and sound. The main procedures for the preparation of transportation, which we do better and better than others:

  • successful registration of goods and provision of the invoice to the client in any format;
  • preparation of documentation is carried out by the company's employees;
  • correct choice of packaging and subsequent labeling of goods;
  • provision of cargo storage services;
  • 100% insurance for the full value of the goods;
  • delivery on time, without breaking agreements;
  • to deliver the cargo safely is the initial task.
Polex company also carries out delivery of goods from Europe, transportation from Asian countries, and to other continents.
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