Delivery from CIS countries

The cost of transportation from the CIS countries
The cost of transportation from the CIS countries

Delivery from CIS countries

Ukraine has close ties with states such as Russia, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus and others. Cargo transportation from the CIS countries has always been relevant, occupying a significant share of imports and exports. Each of them has its own customs laws and rules for the transportation of goods across the territory, which can complicate independent transportation.

Polex-express will help to solve all the issues in order to facilitate the task of delivering goods from the CIS by the desired type of cargo at a favorable price in the shortest possible time. The main task of the company is to export the parcel safe and sound, regardless of the type and material. Based on this, Polex-Express provides cargo insurance as a guarantee.

Delivery terms in the CIS from Polex-express

Our company offers transportation services for all kinds of cargo:

  • container;
  • bulk;
  • bulk;
  • FCL and LCL transportation;
  • generals and many others.
To choose the right type of cargo, you need to familiarize yourself with the information on the website in more detail and contact the manager to clarify the details. It is possible to send the goods by any type of transport you prefer:
  • trucking - this method is suitable for those who do not care about urgency, because many factors affect the time of delivery by road in the CIS countries: city traffic, border regime, weather conditions and others. On the other hand, it is a good way for a door-to-door service;
  • air transportation is a faster and more reliable type of delivery. Fast delivery of any product is possible with the help of an aircraft. Cargo transportation by air from the CIS countries is a priority for those who wish to transport perishable goods, valuable or dangerous goods.

Our employees will individually select the optimal type of cargo and transportation for safe and reliable delivery.

Favorable deliveries from the CIS

How much does the parcel delivery cost?

The question of how much money you will spend on a service plays an important role in the choice of transportation. You can calculate the cost using a calculator. The following factors affect the pricing of delivery services from the CIS to Ukraine:

  • accounting for unavoidable costs (for example: an inspection complex, paid storage at the terminal);
  • service fee;
  • seasonality (varies depending on demand);
  • type of transport;
  • type of transportation.
As well as a number of secondary factors, which you can get acquainted with during the discussion of the order.

Delivery of cargo in the CIS countries

Polex-express advantages

For more than 5 years, Polex-Express LLC has been successfully organizing air and other types of cargo transportation in the CIS. If you are worried about the safety and reliability of delivery, then our company will provide all conditions in the best possible way.

The main procedures for international transportation in the CIS, which we do better and better than others:
  • successful registration of goods and provision of the invoice to the client in any format;
  • preparation of documentation is carried out by the company's employees;
  • correct choice of packaging and subsequent labeling of goods;
  • provision of cargo storage services;
  • 100% insurance;
  • delivery on time, without breaking agreements;
  • to deliver the cargo safely is the initial task.
Our company also carries out delivery of goods from Europe, air transportation from China and to many other locations.
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