Delivery to Armenia

Shipping cost from Armenia
Shipping cost from Armenia

Delivery to Armenia

Armenia has close ties with Ukraine, since a large amount of agricultural and metallurgical Ukrainian products are exported annually, amounting to more than 146 million US dollars. A large part of the citizens of the Armenian Republic live on the territory of Ukraine, who long ago moved from Yerevan, Armavir, Goris and other large cities. Cargo transportation to Armenia is gaining demand every year.

Polex-express will provide reliable delivery from Armenia at great deals. Every year this country makes significant adjustments to customs laws, so there may be difficulties in self-transportation of goods. Our company will professionally resolve all issues with documentation, registration of goods and will deliver the goods to Armenia without any problems.

Delivery of cargo from Armenia to Ukraine from Polex-express

Our company offers the following types of cargo for transportation to / from Armenia:

  • container;
  • bulk;
  • bulk;
  • groupage cargo and FCL;
  • general.
The most popular are the container type, groupage cargo and FCL, since most of the goods are agricultural products, metallurgical and construction materials. Armenian citizens also need regular transportation of personal belongings and documents, often with the help of transportation from Yerevan to Ukraine.
Polex-express offers a list of transport options for delivery from Armenia to Ukraine:
  • air transportation;
  • shipping;
  • trucking;
  • rail transportation.
Air freight is the most popular way. This is due to the fact that Armenia is located in the South Caucasus, on the border between Europe and Asia, so overland transportation is not relevant here. To optimally deliver cargo from Ukraine to Armenia or vice versa, you will need to redirect the goods through the Black Sea and Georgia by aircraft. Also, it is possible to combine sea transportation and road transport.

Polex-express assumes all responsibilities in solving problems necessary for high-quality delivery to Armenia and back. For detailed information, you need to contact the manager.

Cargo transportation from Armenia to Ukraine

Profitable services from Polex-express

Our company is engaged in the organization of safe and high-quality transportation. The main task is to deliver the goods to Armenia safe and sound to the point of destination. The main procedures for the preparation of transportation, which we do better and better than others:

  • successful registration of goods and provision of the invoice to the client in any format;
  • preparation of documentation is carried out by the company's employees;
  • correct choice of packaging and subsequent labeling of goods;
  • provision of cargo storage services;
  • 100% insurance for the full value of the goods;
  • delivery on time, without breaking agreements;
  • to deliver the cargo safely is the initial task.
Polex also transports to other countries in Europe and Asia, for example from Turkey.
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