Delivery to Kazakhstan

Transportation cost from Kazakhstan
Transportation cost from Kazakhstan

Delivery to Kazakhstan

Ukraine has longstanding economic relations with Kazakhstan, almost since 1994. This means that deliveries of goods to Kazakhstan (and back) are still relevant now. The most popular Ukrainian imports are natural gas, zinc, sulfur and dairy products (60% of the total). Often, delivery is ordered to Kazakhstan, and not from it, since a large population of people from this country lives in Ukraine.

In connection with the sanctions of Russia against the transit of Ukraine-Russia-Kazakhstan, with the independent transportation of any types of goods, a conflict may arise at customs. The Polex-express company will help to solve any kind of problems related to the registration of a package of shipping documents, assistance in choosing the type of transportation, organizing warehouse storage and others.

Delivery of goods from Ukraine to Kazakhstan: features

To choose the right vessel for packaging goods, you need to consider the following properties:

  • type of product (food product, building materials, oil products);
  • consistency (liquid, loose, solid);
  • expiration date (if it is food);
  • quantity;
  • rules of proximity of goods and other additional properties.
Delivery from Ukraine to Kazakhstan today is optimally organized in three ways:
  • air transportation;
  • sea transportation;
  • combinations of sea and road transport.
The following delivery algorithm to Kazakhstan is considered the most efficient:
  • Sea transportation from the port of Ilyichevsk (Ukraine) to the port of Batumi (Georgia);
  • Trucking from the port of Batumi to the port of Baku (Azerbaijan);
  • Ferry crossing from the port of Baku to the destination - the port of Aktau (Kazakhstan).

What can be transported to Kazakhstan

Allowed Items

You can import the following types of goods:

  • up to 10 kg of food products per person;
  • up to 5 pieces of jewelry;
  • 1 bicycle, 1 baby carriage per person;
  • mobile phones - 2 pieces per person.

Transportation from Ukraine to Kazakhstan

Our advantages

The main procedures for preparing transportation to Kazakhstan from Ukraine, which we do better and better than others:

  • successful customs clearance of goods;
  • preparation of documentation for transportation to Kazakhstan is carried out exclusively by the company's employees;
  • correct choice of packaging and subsequent labeling of goods;
  • provision of services for storing cargo in a warehouse;
  • 100% insurance for the full cost of products;
  • delivery on time;
  • to deliver the cargo safely - task # 1.
Polex-express is the most reliable and safe transport company in the services of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
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