Delivery to Moldova

Trucking cost from Moldova
Trucking cost from Moldova

Delivery to Moldova

Moldova is Ukraine's neighbor by geographic location, and therefore delivery from Ukraine to Moldova is carried out daily. This country is not strong in the technological industry, so most of the purchased products are oil products, industrial goods, and electronic equipment.

The majority of Ukrainian citizens register a business for the export of goods to Moldova. This requires a reliable delivery service. Polex-express are professionals in this niche, having been on the market for more than 6 years, making out and delivering products to different parts of the world at great deals.

Transportation from Ukraine to Moldova from Polex-express

To choose the right vessel for packaging goods, you need to consider the following properties:

  • type of product (food, oil products);
  • consistency (liquid, free-flowing);
  • expiration date (if it is food);
  • quantity;
  • rules of proximity of goods and other additional properties.
Our company creates profitable offers for cargo transportation to Moldova for each client. Trucking is the most popular type of transportation, since Moldova is located on the border with the southwestern part of Ukraine.

Polex-express will help with the choice of any type of cargo and transportation, as well as with high-quality and urgent documentation.

Prohibited goods for import to Moldova

What can't be delivered

It is prohibited to import the following types of goods:

  • weapons;
  • ammunition;
  • poisonous and radiation substances;
  • explosive materials;
  • more than 5 jewelry from precious stones;
  • psychotropic and narcotic substances;
  • other specific materials.

Cargo transportation from Ukraine to Moldova

Our advantages

The main procedures for the preparation of transportation from Ukraine to Moldova, which we do better than other services:

  • successful customs clearance of goods;
  • preparation of documentation for transportation to Moldova is carried out exclusively by the company's employees;
  • correct choice of packaging and subsequent labeling of goods;
  • provision of services for storing cargo in a warehouse;
  • 100% insurance for the full cost of products;
  • delivery on time;
  • to deliver the cargo safely - task # 1.
Polex-express is the most reliable and safe transport company for cargo transportation from Ukraine to Moldova.
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